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OrganizzazioneFinancial executives online
Categoria di appartenenza del sito: Associazioni professionali
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Outline del sitoWe are the preeminent professional associationfor senior financial executives representing 15,000 individuals. Membership driven, FEI provides peer networking opportunities, emerging issues alerts, personal and professional development and advocacy services to Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Treasurers, Tax Executives, Finance and Accounting Professors in academia. We do this principally through our strong Internet community, our 85 chapters and our 9 technical committees. Membership is limited to individuals holding senior management positions similar to those listed above, but we allow many other finance professionals to join if they meet certain criteria. We also have a special rate and status for academics. Other typical titles held by FEI members include Assistant Controller, Subsidiary CFO or Controller, Assistant Treasurer, and Director of Tax .
We accept members from all around the world.
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