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Identificatore numerico2410
Identificatore completoAernoudt03
Autore/iAernoudt, R.
TitoloSmall- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Tipo di PubblicazioneParte di libro
Altre Informazioniin OECD03, OECD, Paris, pagg. 75-112.
KeywordsFinanza delle PMI - Regional development
AbstractInstruments to improve access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have long been neglected as a tool to stimulate regional and local development but are probably one of the best policy options. This chapter explores these issues focusing firstly on the financing paradox, secondly on the
demand-side issues, thirdly on the supply-side issues and concluding with some concrete recommendations for cities and regions.
The paradox of lack of funds in an abundant market: Supply side analysis - Demand side analysis - The paradox explained -
Summarising the different challenges - Policy implications: plead for a mix of financial instruments
Demand side actions: Investor readiness -
Mutual understanding between bankers and SMEs - Integrated finance approach - Concluding remarks on the demand side
Supply side actions: Credits - Guarantees as a tool to promote venture capital - Venture capital actions: money as an incentive -
Business Angel Networks: tool par excellence for regional development - Involvement of large companies
Recommendations linked to local implementation
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