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Identificatore numerico1990
Identificatore completoA´tSahaliaLo00
Autore/iA´t-Sahalia, Y.; Lo, A.W.
TitoloNonparametric Risk Management and Implied Risk Aversion
Tipo di Pubblicazionearticolo
Altre Informazioniin Journal of Econometrics, vol. 94, pagg. 9-51.
KeywordsVAR - Stima con distribuzioni implicite; VolatilitÓ implicita - Utilizzo per stima premi al rischio
AbstractTypical value-at-risk (VaR) calculations involve the probabilities of extreme dollar losses, based on the statistical distributions of market prices. Such quantities do not account for the fact that the same dollar loss can have two very different economic valuations, depending on business conditions. We propose a nonparametric VaR measure that incorporates economic valuation according to the state-price density associated with the underlying price process. The state-price density yields VaR values that are adjusted for risk aversion, time preferences and other variations in economic valuation. In the context of a representative agent equilibrium model, we construct an estimator of the risk-aversion coefficient that is implied by the joint observations on the cross-section of option prices and time-series of underlying asset values.
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