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Zingales, L. (1998) Corporate Governance; in Newman98, Stockton Press, London.
Keywords: Corporate governance - Impatto su corporate finance Corporate governance - Rassegna


Rajan, R. - Zingales, L. (2003) Saving Capitalism from Capitalists; Crown Business, New York Web Download.
Abstract: From the introduction "Capitalism, or more precisely, the free market system, is the most effective way to organize production and distribution that human beings have found. While free markets, particularly free financial markets, fatten peoples’ wallets, they have made surprisingly
little inroads into their hearts and minds. Financial markets are among the most highly criticized and least understood parts of the capitalist system. The behavior of those involved in recent scandals like the collapse of Enron only solidifies the public
conviction that these markets are simply tools for the rich to get richer at the expense of the general public. Yet, as we argue, healthy and competitive financial markets are an extraordinarily effective tool in spreading opportunity and fighting poverty. B


Zingales, L. (2000) In Search of New Foundations; in Journal of Finance, vol. 55, nr. 4, August, pagg. 1623-1653.
Keywords: Finanza aziendale - Teoria dell'impresa


Gualandri, Eiisabetta - Schwizer, Paola (2008) Bridging the equity gap: il caso delle PMI innovative; Studi e note di economia, n. 1/2008