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Belussi07Belussi F (2007),
The symbiotic division of labour between heterogeneous districts in the Dutch and Italian horticultural industry,
Web download.
BelussiSamarra07Belussi F; Samarra A (2007),
Crescere senza frontiere: il ruolo della subfornitura internazionale e degli IDE nella strategia di internazionalizzazione delle imprese familiari,
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BelussiSamarraSedita07Belussi F;Samarra A;Sedita SR (2007),
Managing long distance and localised learning in the Emilia Romagna life science cluster,
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BelussiSamarra09Belussi , F. - Samarra , A. (2009), Business Networks in Clusters and Industrial Districts. The Governance of the Global Value Chain, Routledge.
BelussiSamarraSantello08Belussi , F. - Samarra , A. - Santello , F. (2008), How Family Firms Grow Footloose: International Subcontracting and Foreign Direct Investment As a Dual Strategy to Expand Abroad, paper inviato al Journal of Management and Governance.
BelussiSedita08Belussi , F. - Sedita , S. (2008), Strategie di crescita e ricorso al capitale di rischio delle imprese italiane del life science, in Finanza, marketing e produzione, n.2, pp.49-77.
SamarraBelussi06Samarra A , B. F. (2006), Evolution and relocation in fashion-led Italian districts: evidence from two case-studies, [Web download.
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