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BergerDemsetzStrahan99Berger , A. - Demsetz , R. - Strahan , P. (1999),
The Consolidation of the Financial Services Industry: Causes, Consequences, and Implications for the Future,
in Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 23, pagg. 135-194.
BergerGoldbergWhite01Berger , A. N. - Goldberg , L. G. - White , L. J. (2001),
The Effects of Dynamic Changes in Bank Competition on the Supply of Small Business Credit,
in European Economic Review, vol. 5, nr. 1-2, pagg. 115-139.
Small business credit
DemirgucKuntMaksimovic02Demirguc Kunt , A. - Maksimovic , V. (2002),
Funding Growth in Bank-based and Market-based Financial Systems: Evidence from Firm-level Data,
in Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 65, nr. 3, , 65, 3, 337-363, pagg. 337-363.
Bank-based vs. market-based financial systems
Stein02Stein , J. (2002),
Information Production and Capital Allocation: Decentralized versus Hierarchical Firms,
in Journal of Finance, vol. 57, nr. 5, pagg. 1891-1922.
Decisioni di investimento, Relazioni banca impresa, Small business credit
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