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Progetto Smefin - Basilea 4x4: Soluzioni di rete per la finanza delle PMI- Scheda link

OrganizzazioneCoyote Reporting
Link al sitowww.coyotereporting.com
Categoria di appartenenza del sito: SocietÓ di software
Nazione o Regione/ProvinciaUSA
Outline del sitoCoyote Reporting facilitates creating, validating, and viewing financial reports
Contenuti del sitoPhiladelphia, PA. (December 4th 2006) - Coyote Reporting, LLC has entered the XBRL market with next-generation software that aids filers and intermediaries with the creation of XBRL documents. “Coyote Reporting products allow real people to create XBRL reports”, said Cliff Binstock, CEO of Coyote Reporting. Mr. Binstock formerly chaired both the XBRL Specification Working Group, and XBRL Formula Working Group. Coyote Reporting facilitates creating, validating, viewing, and auditing financial reports. Their tagline is “We are the XBRL experts, so you don't have to be one.” Coyote Reporting actively participates in numerous XBRL Working Groups.
  • No XBRL knowledge needed
  • AnyFormTM technology
  • Country-specific extensions
  • Validation
  • Business Rule Trace
  • Import from Excel
  • Export to Excel, PDF
  • Create custom forms and validation
  • Dimensions Supported