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Autore/iBessis J
TitoloRisk Management in Banking
Altre InformazioniJohn Wiley & Sons, New York, 2a edizione..
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Abstract This greatly expanded new edition of JoŽl Bessis' seminal work Risk Management in Banking has been comprehensively revised and updated to take into account the changing face of risk management. Extensive new material has been included to reflect new developments in the field and to broaden the scope of the work.
Risk Management in Banking Second Edition examines all aspects of financial risk management in banking, from global considerations right down to the fundamental aspects of the management of a particular profit centre. The author emphasizes the need to understand conceptual and implementation issues of risk management and examines the latest techniques and practical issues, including: Value at Risk (VaR); Asset Liability Management (ALM); Credit Risk; Interest Rate Risk (IRR); Funds Transfer Pricing; Credit Derivatives; Market Portfolio Risk; Capital Management; Loan Portfolio Models.
Building on the already considerable success of this classic work, the second edition is an indispensable text for MBA students, practitioners in banking and financial services, bank regulators and auditors.
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