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Progetto Smefin - Basilea 4x4: Soluzioni di rete per la finanza delle PMI- Scheda link

Organizzazionexfy byJustSystems, xbrl extensions
Link al sitowww.xfy.com/products/enterprise/ubl_xbrl.html
Categoria di appartenenza del sito: SocietÓ di software
Nazione o Regione/ProvinciaUSA
Outline del sitoScheduled for availability in Q1 2007, the JustSystems xfy XBRL Solution is based on xfy Enterprise Edition, which allows end users to easily connect disparate internal and external information silos with two-way information capability, while also enabling the end-user to benefit from highly-customizable visual presentation capabilities.
Contenuti del sitoView creation from XBRL Taxonomy
  • You can generate the views automatically from XBRL taxonomy.
  • You can develop financial applications using the views rapidly.
  • You can edit XML document including the views and make closing statement or financial statement.

xfy applied to XBRL

  • Rapidity of development applies to financial applications, such as budget administration system and expense management system, based on the views.

  • Link numeric values in documents to numeric values in the taxonomy using XML reference function.
  • Make accurate document efficiently due to assuring the reference when they are updated.