Governatori e supervisori spingono con forza Basilea 3

Tue 12 Jan 2010, 09.24 Stampa

Il Gruppo dei governatori delle banche centrali e dei responsabili della vigilanza, presieduto dal Presidente BCE Jean-Claude Trichet, si Ŕ riunito l'altro ieri a Basilea per esprimere la sua piena adesione al programma di riforma del quadro di normativa prudenziale elaborato dal Comitato di Basilea per la vigilanza bancaria. In particolare nel comunicato stampa si indica la necessitÓ di cambiare le regole IAS 39 sul provisioning; cito le raccomandazioni espresse:
Building on the Basel Committee's August 2009 Guiding Principles for the replacement of IAS 39, a sound EL provisioning approach should achieve the following key objectives: 1) address the deficiencies of the incurred loss approach without introducing an expansion of fair value accounting, 2) promote adequate and more forward looking provisioning through early identification and recognition of credit losses in a consistent and robust manner, 3) address concerns about procyclicality under the current incurred loss provisioning model, 4) incorporate a broader range of credit information, both quantitative and qualitative, 5) draw from banks' risk management and capital adequacy systems and 6) be transparent and subject to appropriate internal and external validation by auditors, supervisors and other constituents. So-called "through-the-cycle" approaches that are consistent with these principles and which promote the build up of provisions when credit exposures are taken on in good times that can be used in a downturn would be recognised. The Basel Committee should translate these principles into a practical proposal by its March 2010 meeting for subsequent consideration by both supervisors and accounting standards setters.
Allungare l'orizzonte temporale e allargare la base informativa dei giudizi di rating, questo sembra essere l'intento del massimo forum internazionale sulla vigilanza bancaria.


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