Nuovo sito di S&P dedicato a subprime e altri mutui

Fri 9 Nov 2007, 00.56 Stampa

It is now clear that some of the assumptions we made with respect to rating U.S. RMBS backed by subprime mortgages were insufficient to stand up to what actually happened. In addition, some have questioned whether our detailed analytical processes led us to wait too long to react to data that suggested a deviation from the expected trends. So we are focusing on getting in place the data, analytics, and processes to enhance our ability to anticipate future trends and process information even more quickly.[...]
When the credibility of the ratings is in doubt, the market has no central starting point, value comes into question, and trading stops. Thus, we recognize that we need to focus on the transparency of what we do and continually enhance our process. And it's important to remember that the "issuer pays" business model does not compromise our analytic judgments. We do say no to issuers regularly.

Commenti rilasciati da Joanne Rose, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services' Executive Managing Director, in una teleconferenza (v. slide), 1 novembre 2007.

Per una migliore comunicazione su un tema ancora rovente, Standard and Poor's ha creato un sito dedicato al mercato dei subprime e della finanza strutturata legata ai mutui in genere.
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